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Copper & Zinc

Global electric vehicle market penetration forecast to be as high as 50% by 2030

India announced a target of 100% EV by 2030 under a self-financed scheme to rapidly address pollution issues

USA recently set 50% EV sales target by 2030 - half of all new vehicles sold by 2030 to be electric powered

Copper is essential to electric vehicle technology

Copper is used throughout electric vehicles, charging stations and supporting infrastructure because of the metal’s durability, high conductivity and efficiency

A key commodity in a tightening market

Diminishing supply – low discovery rates and declining mining grades

Zinc – low cost energy storage

Zinc-air battery technology becoming a viable alternative to lithium and cobalt

Rising prices of lithium and cobalt creating opportunities for more viable battery metals such as Zinc

Critical ingredient in solar PV panels and wind power systems – protects steel from corrosion

100% recyclable - positive contributor of the circular economy

As the world transitions to a sustainable future, zinc will continue playing a critical role in strengthening, improving and sustaining modern life