American West is driven by the goal of a sustainable future through responsible operations and ethical business practices that deliver economic returns for our shareholders and create shared value in our communities.

Our commitment to sustainability is achieved through adherence to high standards of Environmental Social Governance (ESG). The Company aspires to have industry leading credentials in ESG with a focus on:

  1. Environment – American West is committed to safeguarding the environment and managing potential impacts on water, land and air quality.
  2. Climate Change – America West recognises that climate change is a shared global challenge that requires collective action between business, government and society. The Company supports the move to a low emission economy to reduce future climate change impacts and avoid increasing their severity.
  3. Governance – We support on-going development of good corporate governance, and believe that high standards of governance create a corporate culture that values integrity and ethical behaviour. Strong, effective governance is essential for earning the trust of our stakeholders.